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1000Lists is a mailing list and email list brokerage company specializing in finding targeted mailing and opt-in email lists. Developing a successful direct mail or email campaign can be a hard process, but it doesn't have to be. That's where 1000Lists comes in. Our staff has years of experience delivering direct mail and email lists from qualified sources in record time. We know you needed your lists yesterday and that's where we separate our self from the competition. We don't close at 5:00 if you need your lists that day; we stay until your lists are delivered. We don't miss a deadline, period!

1000Lists sells mailing lists and opt-in email lists. We do not own or compile mailing lists or email lists; we are simply brokers that have the experience to deliver targeted opt-in email lists and mailing lists with excellent historical performance and verifiable sources.

While there are many sites on the web where you can find 1,000,000 email addresses for $10, we do not offer these bulk spam lists. We don't because; in many cases these lists were compiled illegally, by scraping the internet. We only offer high quality opt-in email lists from reputable publishers, organizations, and compilers. CAN-SPAM compliant messages sent to opt-in email lists that are rented from 1000Lists are delivered via third party white listed servers. Reputable list owners do not allow their email lists to be sent directly by the client. Email lists are rented on a one time basis; however rental agreements can be negotiated for delivering your message to the same list multiple times.

Our mailing list research starts at our proprietary in-house databases and combines data from three industry leading third party mailing list research databases. We look at over 60,000 mailing lists to narrow down the choice of mailing lists for your campaign. Our final mailing list choices are then looked at individually where we consider recency, size, and history with your type of marketing campaign, your offer, price, selects, and list source before making a list recommendation.

Contact 1000Lists to find out more about how our team of marketers and list researchers can improve your sales. There is no cost to you for our services – our compensation comes directly from the list owners. But we do work entirely for you, getting the lists that will work best for you campaign. After all, our success depends on building a long-term relationship with you, and your profitable venture today is ultimately beneficial to both of us. Contact us to purchase mailing lists or opt in email lists that increase the effectiveness of your direct mail and email campaigns.

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