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According to the 2000 Census, there were over 105 million households in the U.S. – and most of these can be reached through address mailing lists. The majority of households, about 68%, were “family” households, which the U.S. Census Bureau defines as a home containing a “householder and one or more people living together in the same household who are related to the householder by birth, marriage, or adoption.” Married couples dominated this category, accounting for over half of all households. The second most common type of household was a single person living alone, representing 26% of the total number of households in the country.

As a marketer, this is useful information in itself. But it still leaves a lot of room to narrow the scope of your address mailing lists before launching your direct mail campaign. Targeted marketing campaigns rely on more than just random names and addresses. Research is key to the success of any mail out: define who your best prospective customers are, find where they live, and design a marketing package that speaks directly to them.

Address Mailing Lists from a Variety of Sources

Some research needs to start with you and your marketing team. You have probably already identified the features and benefits of your product, and perhaps even envisioned what type of person might want your offer. Take some time to characterize your “ideal” customer as precisely as possible taking into account gender, income level, marriage status, homeowner or renter, occupation, special interests, and any other way that you can think to define your target market. These people will be the most likely on your address mailing lists to buy your product.

Then you must decide how to find your customers. 1000Lists can help you here. We have years of experience tracking address mailing lists from hundreds of good, reliable sources. But more importantly, using sophisticated list researching methods, we can search for the demographics that make up your ideal customer. For example, if you are offering a series of educational books, you probably will decide that your customers will have school-age children, be fairly educated themselves, and as a result will probably be middle to upper-middle class.

1000Lists will find customers within the thousands of address mailing lists matching exactly those demographics. And we may even be able to identify even more characteristics to narrow your focus further, such as households who home school their children and are looking for educational materials.

It Starts With Address Mailing Lists from 1000Lists

Contact 1000Lists right now for more information about our address mailing lists brokerage, list research, and marketing consultation services. We’ll give you the edge you need to turn a good marketing campaign into a great one.

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