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There are many factors that decide the “best mailing lists” for your campaign. Solid, accurate data is very important – if your target customers no longer live at the addresses you have on your lists, chances are they are never going to see your offer. 1000Lists can help you find the owners that have the most up-to-date lists available.

But another important factor to locating your customers is to develop a profile to determine your ideal customer. A few minutes with a pen and paper jotting down some characteristics can help narrow your focus, and ultimately allow you to achieve better results. After all, the best mailing lists for you are the ones that contain those most likely to be interested in your offer.

Creating a Customer Profile to Create Your Best Mailing Lists

Start by listing the features and benefits of your product or service – this is likely a list that you already have. Generally speaking, who is most likely to benefit? Are your customers on your best mailing lists most likely men, women, or both? Do they live in a certain area of the country, state, city? Do they own a car? Do they have a certain level of income? Are they new homeowners, do they have a pool, do they own pets, do they have children?

As you can see, there are thousands of different possible demographics to consider. Many might be irrelevant: some golfers have children and some don’t, so “presence of children” probably won’t be a factor in the purchase of your premium driver. But presence of children or new birth in the family is definitely a factor for your educational toys, and would be a characteristic to help you build your best mailing lists.

But keep going. What types of magazines do the people on your best mailing lists read? Magazine subscribers represent a very good target market because of the accuracy of the addresses, and because these customers have already demonstrated that they like getting products through the mail. Are your customers likely to belong to an association, member club, or professional affiliation? Will their occupation be a strong factor in their decision to purchase your product? If you are selling a product that you and your friends use yourself, should also consider what type of person you are. By identifying yourself and the circles you travel in, you can help decide who your ideal customer is.

1000Lists Can Help find the Best Mailing Lists

Our team of professional marketers and list brokers can help you identify – and find – your target market for a better response rate and ultimately a more successful direct mail campaign. And our services come at no cost to you.1000Lists is compensated directly from the list owners so there is no risk, only bigger returns! Contact us today for a free consultation and we'll find the best mailing lists for your direct mail campaign.

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