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Many people ask why it is necessary to buy mailing lists rather than create their own. It’s true, there are several sources of “free” contact names, addresses – your local phone book is one of them. But immediately the problem arises of collecting this information into a usable format like a database or address labels. Typing your lists directly from the phone book is certainly free, but it takes a lot of time. People often move, and since your phone book can be 18 months out of date or more, you may miss several on your list.

The other problem is that there is not much “targeted” marketing going on, which is the whole reason for direct mail marketing in the first place. Street addresses tell you very little about the people who live there, what their buying habits are, etc. When you buy mailing lists, you can search for specific demographics. For example, magazine subscriptions can tell you a lot about the type of person who receives them. But nobody is going to just hand them to you. The best lists are well maintained and are ready-made for marketers. This takes time in itself, and understandably list owners need to make it worth their while.

Buy Mailing Lists from 1000Lists for Improved Results

When you buy mailing lists from 1000Lists, you save the time it takes to collect a contact base yourself, and you are able to better target your market. Our team of list brokers, marketing specialists, and list researchers has years of experience in the business. We know where to find the best lists, and how to research them to target your ideal customers – the ones who are most interested in your offer and are ready to buy now. We can even help you identify your customer profile and recommend different approaches for your campaign based on our experience with helping other marketers over the years.

When you buy mailing lists directly from the owners themselves, you lose out on the valuable research and marketing skills that we can offer your campaign. Chances are you will not save any money, and in fact because we are a recognized list broker we can sometimes negotiate even better prices than advertised. It is also difficult to determine on your own what lists are good, and what sources are not so reliable.

Contact Us Right Now to buy mailing lists and for a Free Consultation

Fill in our Contact Form with a brief overview of your campaign, and we will give you information about our innovative system of identifying, finding, and targeting your best prospects. You’ll see that when you buy mailing lists from 1000Lists you don’t just get a stack of address labels, you get the years of experience we offer to pick the contacts that are most likely to buy your offer. With 1000Lists list brokerage services you will have a better rate of response, a better ROI, and ultimately a more successful campaign when you buy our targeted mailing lists..

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