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Catalog shopping remains steady at 7% of total retail expenditures, according to a report released in November 2003. That may seem relatively small, but considering that the U.S. market reached about $1.8 trillion in retail sales excluding travel, it’s still a hefty market, especially considering the surge in online sales. Catalog mailing lists can reach these potential customers with your own catalog, tapping into a huge market of shoppers who prefer to order through the mail rather than in a store or online.

But how can you find the catalog mailing lists that will help boost your sales? The professional list brokers at 1000Lists have the answers. We compile your own catalog mailing lists from a variety of sources including from other catalog companies – companies that have customers who have already demonstrated that they prefer to catalog shop. We also research your lists, helping you to define who your customers might be and then finding them.

For example, your mail order bulbs and seeds will probably appeal to those who subscribe to Home and Garden or related magazines. But not necessarily all, since many may live in urban areas that do not have access to a garden, or are simply more interested in the “home” portion of the publication. We can help you identify the demographics that best describe your target customers, then help you build your catalog mailing lists through reliable sources – weeding out the possibles who ultimately do not fit the bill.

Catalog Mailing Lists for More Than Direct Mail

One survey found that 33% of customers planned to browse a catalog before doing their holiday shopping – a much higher number than those who actually purchase through the catalog. Retail sellers who combine catalog sales with their bricks-and-mortar operations like Eddie Bauer and Sears understand that their catalogs are as much advertising for their stores as their mail order shoppers. These catalog mailing lists are also being used to deliver in-store specials to their customers simply because they are already proven customers.

Although you may not have your own store locations, you can combine catalog sales with an e-commerce option. JC Penney’s, for example, seamlessly blends catalog shopping with online shopping as well as its store front, effectively giving the customer full control over how, when, where, and what they want to buy. Your catalog mailing lists work double (or triple!) duty, promoting different sales avenues to your customers.

Rely On the List Brokers at 1000Lists for Your Catalog Mailing Lists

Regardless of how you plan to use your catalog mailing lists, contact 1000Lists to find out how we can improve your sales. Our team of list brokers, researchers, and marketers are prepared to help you launch your most successful campaign to date, and continue to help you with all of your marketing plans in the future. Call or e-mail us today for more information about catalog mailing lists.

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