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Christian mailing lists from 1000Lists can help you reach this select group of the population for a variety of Christian products like books, music, learning tools, church supplies, gifts, academic and pastoral supplies, and more. Some churches also use direct mail to help grow their congregation and let the community know about special events. Although Christian-related products and services are obvious, the Christian market is also a good target market for a variety of every day items. In fact one survey found that “Christian” buyers are not that much different than the average consumer.

However there are some key differences that you as a marketer should know about. First of all, readers of Christian books tend to read and spend more on books than average, including “mainstream” books. In 2004, households that purchased Christian books spent almost $300 on books, versus $202 for households that did not. As a group, Christian readers also tend to shop more often, and are more likely to talk about those books to others.

The Christian market also tends to give more money and more often to charities and other non-profit organizations. On the whole, Christian mailing lists will help you reach a more conservative market, one that gives strong emphasis on family, and has higher percentages of families who home school.

1000Lists Provides Reliable Christian Mailing Lists

There are many different sources for Christian mailing lists, and not all of them are reliable or up to date. So how do you know the difference? Until you try and test them, you can never really know for sure. That’s one of the biggest advantages to using 1000Lists web broker services. The quality of your mailing list is crucial to the success of your direct marketing campaign, so using 1000Lists’s professional services will save you money in the long run by making sure you only purchase the best lists. Our team of marketing experts has been in the business for many years, and we know which list owners have reliable, deliverable addresses. And because we get paid directly by the list owners to broker their lists, it costs you nothing to buy through 1000Lists!

You also get the benefit of our research team to help target your potential customers. Using different demographics such as location, age, income level, denomination, church club and member affiliations, presence of children, and other demographics (there are literally thousands of selects), we can create a composite of your “most desirable” customer, and then find them in your Christian mailing lists.

Contact 1000Lists today to find out more about our services, and how securing your Christian mailing lists through us will help improve the success of your next campaign.

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