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Compiled Mailing Lists

As the number of mailing lists continues to grow – over 50,000 compiled mailing lists are now available for rent in the United States alone – so too do the options. Unfortunately, as many direct marketers are finding, options are a double-edged sword.

Many companies keep compiled mailing lists. The most obvious are ones who already sell products through the mail like magazine subscriptions, “product of the month clubs,” and mail order music and DVD companies, to name a few. These will obviously tend to one of the sources with the most accurate addresses, since reaching their own customers is very important to them. In fact it is usually the customer that helps keep their addresses up to date to ensure continued delivery if they move.

But there are many other sources of compiled mailing lists including:

  • Club Membership
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Draws and Raffles
  • Company Contact Lists
  • Religious Affiliations
  • Store Credit Cards Holders

…even local, state, and federal registries.

Quality of Compiled Mailing Lists is Key

However not all come from good, reliable sources. You have probably been contacted by e-mail with offers for a huge amount of addresses at a ridiculously low cost. True, these are technically compiled mailing lists, but that just means is that someone has taken the time to collect a bunch of names and put them into a database. In almost every case, these offers are definitely too good to be true. And the money you lose won’t just be the $19.95 for the addresses, it will be the thousands of wasted marketing packages returned or never opened that don’t have a chance to make the sale.

1000Lists can find the compiled mailing lists that come from reliable sources with delivery rates of 95% or higher. Our team of marketers, brokers, and researchers has years in the business, so we know what lists are worth renting and which ones to avoid. And we are one of the first to know about any new lists coming out to the market, especially the valuable opt-in lists. 1000Lists can also boost your success by searching those lists further to find your customer profile among the thousands of possible demographics.

Contact 1000Lists For Accurate Compiled Mailing Lists

One size does not fit all, and your product will likely appeal to certain people but not to others. By developing a customer-centric approach, and researching compiled mailing lists to find your niche, you will ultimately have a better rate of response rate. In turn you will enjoy higher sales, and a higher return on your investment. 1000Lists can help – contact us today to find out more about increasing your bottom line!

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