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1000Lists is your most reliable source of direct mail lists. Not only do we have the years of knowledge about where to find the better lists, but our expert research team will narrow those lists down for you even further so that you are reaching your best prospects with your offer. And that’s the key to a successful direct mail campaign: targeting your identified customers, and ensuring that your message is delivered.

What Are Direct Mail Lists?

Direct mail campaigns need accurate addresses. There are thousands, perhaps millions of databases that contain this information. Some companies who keep lists of customers (for example magazines, private clubs, professional associations, to name just a few) rent their contact information. These are called direct mail lists, or mailing lists.

Every list owner has a set of conditions. Most require a copy of your marketing materials to ensure that you are not directly competing with them, and that your content is appropriate for their customers. Some owners only rent their lists a limited number of times per year, while others only rent to professional list brokers like 1000Lists. Prices vary from owner to owner, but most lists are offered at $50 to $100 per thousand and usually have minimum orders.

Most direct mail lists are only available to rent for a one-time use. Owners enforce this by adding several “dummy” addresses to ensure that a company is not trying to use their lists outside of the rental agreement. However, once you get responses to your offer, those customers are now yours and you are free to contact them as often as you wish. You may even decide to create your own direct mail lists for rent as a separate avenue of revenue for your company.

1000Lists Will Help Save You From Costly Undeliverables

The better your sources for direct mail lists, the better your campaign will be. Production and mailing costs for your package could run to $1.00 per piece or more, so you want to make sure that you reach the right customer. That means you need lists that have been “cleaned” regularly (old contacts updated or removed) and that the contacts on the lists have “opted-in” or indicated that they are interested in products and services such as yours. There are over 50,000 lists available today, and not all are well maintained. Some are downright worthless. 1000Lists knows where to find reliable lists that are right for your campaign, and will take care of all the brokerage details.

Contact 1000Lists for more information before you launch your next marketing campaign by e-mailing us or calling directly. We’ll ensure that you get the best possible direct mail lists for better sales.

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