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According to the United States Postal Service (USPS), direct marketing lists response rates increased by 12% in 2004. This is encouraging news for some who believe that the Internet spells the end of direct mail marketing. For others like the list brokers at 1000Lists, it is not surprising. This multi-billion dollar industry is still booming for one simple reason: it works.

The USPS stated in a press release that: “While 57 percent of households say they check their email only once a week, 98 percent of households collect and assess what’s in their mailboxes every day.” In fact, with all the spam filters, tightening regulations, and an increasingly jaded public, e-mail marketing is not usually the best method of contacting new customers. Most find direct mail less invasive and therefore are more likely to read and respond to an offer. But it is not a “golden ticket” to success. High-quality direct marketing lists and the right offer to the right person are still key to accomplishing your marketing goals.

1000Lists Finds the Direct Marketing Lists That Work

The list brokers, researchers, and marketers at 1000Lists can help you identify your best markets through several methods. First, we help you find the right direct marketing lists for your campaign. These can come from a variety of sources including magazine subscriptions, company customer lists, membership and affiliation lists, and literally hundreds of different suppliers. But not all lists are alike. Some are well kept and up to date – these offer your most deliverable options. Others are not so good, and should be avoided. As your list broker, 1000Lists can help you find the high-quality lists.

But simply getting names is not enough, no matter how good the lists. In order to find your best prospects – and in turn boost your response rates – you need to research your direct marketing lists to find the customer profile that are most likely to respond to your offer. This takes skill and experience. By using sophisticated data mining techniques, 1000Lists cross-references different lists and finds the matches that comprise your “ideal customer.” Often we can come up with several selects that you may not have thought of as well, based on our years helping other direct marketers.

Get Your Direct Marketing Lists from 1000Lists for Greater Success!

Contact 1000Lists to find out how we can help you secure quality direct marketing lists, research those lists for highly-targeted marketing, and help you hone your marketing strategies. You’ll see that like mailing lists, not all list brokers are the same. 1000Lists will work hard to make your next direct mail campaign the success it should be. Fill out our Contact Form or call us directly right now to get started with direct marketing lists!

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