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Direct marketing to doctors relies on the same fundamentals as any other target market: understand your audience, put together an offer that speaks directly to them, and secure quality doctor mailing lists to ensure your message gets there. And although doctors are among the highest paid individuals in our society, they have the same wants and needs as everyone else: more time for themselves and their families, and new ways of making their lives easier and more enjoyable.

The biggest difference though is that often doctors have the money to purchase the finer things in life. For example, many doctors work very long hours, and therefore have little leisure time. They like to treat themselves during the time that they do have to high-end entertainment sources like all-inclusive vacations, electronic gadgets like TVs and audio equipment, expensive cars, and other luxury items. In fact one way that you can narrow your marketing focus is to cross-reference your doctor mailing lists with a hobby or club membership list, depending on your offer.

Hit Them Fast, Hit Them Intelligently

Like any direct mail marketing campaign, you must be able to hit doctors with your message quickly. However those rules about “aiming at a sixth-grade level” should go out the window too – obviously those who are on doctor mailing lists have a few more years of school than that, and they are more likely to be drawn in by intelligent ideas written at a higher level of language.

Another thing to consider when searching for your doctor mailing lists is whether you want to send your offer to them at work or at home. There are pros and cons to both methods – but don’t forget that the spouses and older children have a lot of say in the household spending too.

Like all direct marketing, the tighter you can define your target market, the better your chances of making a sale. Try to envision the type of customer you are looking for and break it down into certain demographics. Will your offer appeal to doctors with a pool, for example? To doctors that travel regularly? Those in private practice, or those who work at a hospital? Does it matter if the doctor has children? There are thousands of ways you can “profile” your doctor mailing lists to make sure your campaign gets the results you are looking for.

1000Lists for Doctor Mailing Lists and Research

1000Lists can help you find reliable doctor mailing lists, broker those lists for you, and do all the research you need to find – and reach – your audience. Why not contact us right now for more information about how we can help improve your next direct mail campaign. One no-obligation phone call could improve your results immeasurably.

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