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Direct email campaigns using opt in email lists can help you reach potential customers without the costs of designing, printing, and mailing a full direct mail marketing package. But although email may be cheaper, it is often a double-edged sword. Not only do you have to contend with Spam filters and mass email logistics, you could actually be sued if you send Bulk Unsolicited Commercial Email (BUCE) to the wrong person. A survey of several ISPs revealed that about 30% of email that people receive every day could be considered Spam.

So how do you avoid Spamming? The most effective way is to find opt-in or better yet double opt-in email lists. The customers on this list have signed up and confirmed with some online company, website, or organization indicating (and in the case of double opt-in, confirming) that they are interested in receiving information about products or services of interest via email.

Say for example that certain people have signed up for a new Internet service like Google mail, and have clicked a check box to receive more information related to poodles. These people are open to a variety of offers including dog cages, a new brand of dog food, toys, leashes, grooming services – anything that will help them take care of their poodle. Your offer may be exactly what they are looking for, though it is unlikely you would have reached them without their opt-in consent.

Opt-In and Double Opt-In Email Lists from 1000Lists Will Improve Your Results

Finding reliable email lists can be difficult. You have probably seen ads similar to “One Million Email Addresses, Just $19.95!” As you may guess, these are not reliable (especially since they are Spam themselves…) and will be a total waste of time and money because they will generate almost no response.

The email list brokers at 1000Lists can help you locate the reliable opt in email lists. We deal only with owners who take care of their databases by cleaning out old addresses and updating new ones on a regular basis. Most importantly, we secure opt-in and double opt-in lists. Not only will you avoid the Spamming issue altogether, but these lists yield the best results.

Contact 1000Lists For Your Reliable Opt In Email Lists

Like direct mail marketing, the single most important element of your campaign is the quality of your opt in email lists. Research comes a close second – by defining and locating your “ideal” customer before you launch your campaign, you can optimize your chances of hitting the right person at the right time with the right offer. If you want the best results possible from your email campaign, contact the email list brokers and marketing professionals at 1000Lists. By securing and researching opt in email lists from only the highest-quality sources, our team can help you increase your revenues and reach your goals successfully.

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