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Executive Mailing Lists

Executive mailing lists from 1000Lists help you reach the nation’s top decision makers with your offer. Hit the right person with the right offer, and you could sell multiple units of your product – even thousands – depending the size of the company and the type of product you are selling. This makes targeting the right executive crucial. The old adage “go directly to the top” doesn’t always work in marketing; for example, you might be better to offer your computer server system to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) rather than the CEO.

That’s where 1000Lists can help. We’ve built a team of experienced professionals that can advise you in all aspects of your campaign, from finding reliable executive mailing lists and brokering their rental agreement, to searching the lists for the right target market. With our years in the business, we can help you decide what approach works well and what does not before you launch your campaign, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

1000Lists Helps find Accurate Executive Mailing Lists

Next to the accuracy of the lists themselves, the most important aspect of your campaign is determining who you should target. As illustrated in the example above, not every executive in a company is going to respond or even look at your offer, that's why it's important to buy accurate executive mailing lists. In some cases, you may even discover that you are better off sending your offer to middle managers and others involved more in the day-to-day decisions of running the company. Executives are usually more involved with the “big picture” ideas. If your product or service falls into this broad category, then 1000Lists can help you find the right executive mailing lists for your campaign.

In fact, 1000Lists breaks down your executive mailing lists in a number of ways. We can search for:

  • Title and Position
  • Company Size
  • Company Revenues
  • Company Location(s)
  • Industry or SIC Code
  • Company Type (e.g. Consumer Retail, Wholesale, B2B, etc.)

…and many other different demographics. We can even help you use executive mailing lists to sell personal items like luxury goods, vacations, cars, investment opportunities, and a wide range of products and services to this generally affluent market.

Executive Mailing Lists from 1000Lists Keeps You On Top

The margin between a good campaign and a great one is very slim, and the difference is often the quality of your mailing lists. 1000Lists can give you the edge you need by helping you locate executive mailing lists from reliable sources and researching those lists to determine the most likely candidates for you offer. Contact 1000Lists right now for more information on how to improve your margins!

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