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Golf is a huge recreation industry. According to a Golf 20/20 report, there were 36 million golfers in the United States, playing on 15,000 registered courses in 2000. In all, the industry generated $62.2 billion in revenue including golf course design and maintenance, golf supplies, corporate endorsements, related hotel and travel, and even real estate. This market is expected to grow, especially as the Boomer generation enters its retirement years. And the best way to reach this market is through a direct mail campaign using golf mailing lists from 1000Lists.

Our team of marketing specialists has years of market analysis and list research experience to find the right target market for your product or service. Although golfers as a group tend to have similar interests, especially when it comes to products and services, there is still enough room to narrow your focus. And that’s always the best policy – you invest a lot of money designing, printing, and mailing your package, so you want to ensure that it reaches the people on your golf mailing lists most likely to respond to your offer.

1000Lists Researches Your Golf Mailing Lists for You

List research is one of the most important services that we provide. Any direct marketer will tell you that the quality of your lists is crucial to the success of your marketing campaign. That includes getting your golf mailing lists from reliable sources that are timely and up-to-date. But it also includes identifying the best prospects of that group using proven data mining techniques.

1000Lists can find your best customers using thousands of possible selects including:

  • Geography
  • Income Level
  • Club Membership
  • Tournament Registration
  • Handicap
  • Those Who Have Traveled to Play Golf
  • Presence/Number of Children

…and many others. 1000Lists will review your campaign and customize a list of desirable characteristics, then match them to your golf mailing lists for a more refined campaign.

1000Lists: The Mailing List Broker that is Right for You

Going through a broker is actually the best way for marketers to secure a reliable list. However not all brokers are alike, and many brokers simply negotiate the cost and terms of the list rental for your golf mailing lists, and provide you with the addresses. The difference with 1000Lists is that we do put in that time to narrow your lists further, so that you will get the best response rate possible. We do not charge for these “extra” services – our compensation comes directly from the list owners. But by helping make your campaign successful today, we know that your will continue to come back to us for future campaigns.

Contact 1000Lists by phone or e-mail for a free consultation. We’ll show you how with the right golf mailing lists and expert research skills, we can improve the results of your next marketing campaign.

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