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Using government mailing lists to reach the public sector can be tricky. Government agencies at every level including federal, state, county, and municipal often have designated purchasers. However, the people writing the checks are not usually the decision makers, and sending your offer directly to them may not get the results you want. So how do you find the decision makers?

The list brokers at 1000Lists can help. We have years of experience finding and researching quality mailing lists including government mailing lists for direct marketers across the country. We know where to look for the people who want to purchase your product or service, and most importantly, those that are in a position to buy.

What Type of Person Should I Target in My Government Mailing Lists?

That all depends on your offer. There are literally thousands of people looking for ways to make their jobs more efficient, and looking for solutions to meeting government goals and standards. And like any business, governments are in need of a wide range of products and services including office supplies, computer/IT equipment and services, building and maintenance, training and educational seminars, and equipment and services for government-run institutions like schools, libraries, transportation, and parks. Choosing the right government mailing lists and preparing the right offer can result in bigger deals that extend to other government departments and agencies.

The marketing experts at 1000Lists can help you here too. We know what campaigns have worked in the past with what targets. Our list brokers can break down your government mailing lists to identify the optimum demographics of your “best prospect” including:

  • Social Services Administrators
  • Homeland Security Administrators
  • Procurement Officers at Every Governmental Level
  • Elected Officials and Their Offices
  • Home Addresses of Government Employees and Officials
  • School District
  • Region Size by Population
  • Budget Size

…and many other selects. We can even cross-reference your government mailing lists to help you identify your target customer. For example, we can find government employees with purchasing power who subscribe to magazines that may be related to your offer (i.e. computer/technical magazines). This demonstrated interest in the topic related to your offer means that they will be more likely to look at and respond to your offer – giving you better results.

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1000Lists assesses your marketing campaign before we broker your government mailing lists to ensure that we get the ones that will improve the success of your campaign. With our team of list brokers, researchers, and marketers, you will reach the government officials who are ready, willing, and able to take advantage of your offer. Contact us right now by phone or email to get your assessment started or for more information about our government mailing lists!

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