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Homeowners, especially new ones, are always looking for ideas to improve their homes or the way they live in them. Appliances, yard and garden tools, home renovation ideas and services, cleaning supplies – there is “always something” when you own a home, and your offer might be just what they are looking for. You can reach this segment of the market through homeowner mailing lists from 1000Lists.

1000Lists takes the time to review your marketing campaign before we find and research your homeowner mailing lists. Our list brokers want to make sure that we know and understand your offer before we help you match it with your “ultimate” customer. And when it comes to direct mail, you will benefit greatly by reviewing your offer and your goals, and compiling a profile of who your customer may be. After all, direct marketing is target marketing, and the better your aim the better your results!

Find Your Targets Inside Your Homeowner Mailing Lists

1000Lists has a team of list brokers, researchers, and marketing personnel who can help you identify your target market in your homeowner mailing lists. We can narrow your focus by choosing only select demographics including:

  • Geography/Location
  • Size of Mortgage
  • Value of House
  • Recently Listed for Sale
  • Recently Sold Houses and Price
  • Homeowners with Pools, Garages, Decks, etc.
  • First-Time Home Buyers
  • New to the Neighborhood/City/State
  • Children Present
  • Pets Present
  • …And Many More!

You may also choose to design two or more marketing packages to relay different messages based on your identified target audiences. This will maximize your targeting efforts if you have found more than one specific profile. For example, homeowners in Houston may use your product or service differently than those in Buffalo. We can help you divide your homeowner mailing lists so that your message speaks directly to each target audience.

Contact 1000Lists for Deliverable Homeowner Mailing Lists

1000Lists brokers your homeowner mailing lists from only the most reliable sources for higher deliverability and better results. But what really makes us different is our professional researching skills. More than just list brokers, 1000Lists can weed out the low response rate possibilities to create a list of “best bet” prospects. This weeding out process increases your campaign’s overall response rate, your return on investment (ROI) and ultimately your bottom line.

Homeowners make an excellent target market – many new homeowners, for example, spend more on their homes in the first six months than they do in the following five years – but it still takes research and planning to create a successful campaign. Call 1000Lists directly or fill out our Contact Form right now for more information about our homeowner mailing lists or how we can find the right customers for your next campaign!

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