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Library mailing lists can be used to access libraries across the nation directly, or as an excellent cross-referencing tool to identify specific consumers. According to the American Library Association (ALA), there were approximately 117,664 libraries in the United States as of September 2005. The overwhelming majority of these – about 94,000 – are school libraries, and therefore are good markets for student books, educational software, and other learning materials. There are about 9,200 public libraries, 3,500 academic libraries, 1,200 government libraries, and over 300 military libraries. The ALA also estimates about 9,500 “special” libraries including corporate, medical, legal, and religion-based libraries. Most, if not all, can be accessed through library mailing lists available from 1000Lists.

Our list brokers can help you find the most obvious consumers – the librarians themselves – through several sources of reliable library mailing lists. These are the administrators and decision makers who control the purchasing of books and other materials. In fact, it’s these “other materials” that make up a growing percentage of budgets and can include:

  • CD ROM-Based Media
  • DVD/VHS Movies, Documentaries, Learning Guides
  • Computer Equipment, Related Software and Equipment
  • Internet Access
  • Child and Adult Crafts and Activities
  • And more…

Library mailing lists can also be used for other offers including standard office supplies, cleaning supplies, information systems, furniture and desks, and everyday items that help enhance and maintain the physical buildings and collections.

Target Specific People on Your Library Mailing Lists

Chances are, your product or service will be better suited to some libraries than others. For example, your complete Encyclopedia of Legal Anomalies, 2005 will probably not sell well to the local Children’s Library. The list brokers and researchers at 1000Lists can help you comb the library mailing lists for certain demographics including:

  • Budget Size
  • Collection Size
  • Library Type (Public, Academic, etc.)
  • Multi-Branch Library Systems
  • Library by Specialties (Legal, Medical, etc.)
  • Location
  • Affiliations (School, College, Corporate, etc.)

We can also find librarians and administrators on your library mailing lists by title, position, and purchasing power.

Contact 1000Lists for Your Library Mailing Lists Today

Our list brokers have years of experience finding the right mailing lists for any direct marketing campaign. 1000Lists will provide you with a complete review of your campaign before we secure the best library mailing lists available – ones that are properly maintained for higher deliverability. But the real difference is in our research efforts. By narrowing the focus of your campaign and targeting very specific customers you will not only improve your response rate and Return on Investment, you will increase your overall bottom line.

Contact 1000Lists for more information about we can improve your next marketing campaign through our premium library mailing lists brokerage and research services.

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