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If you are new to direct mail, you will soon realize that finding the right mailing list broker for you can be tricky business. No doubt you’ve seen ads for “one million e-mails addresses, only $19.95,” “thousands of names for just pennies!” or similar pitches. Sound too good to be true? You’re right. These lists come from unreliable – and in some cases illegal – sources, and are almost guaranteed not to get results.

On the other hand, a reputable mailing list broker like 1000Lists can find you reliable opt-in and double opt-in lists from potential customers who have given their permission to receive information on your products and services. In many cases, they have already responded to similar direct mail offers. These customers represent your best leads, and in turn will generate a healthy response rate.

1000Lists: Mailing List Broker and List Researcher

That’s the whole point of direct mail: targeted marketing for maximum results – and maximum Return On Investment of your campaign. 1000Lists not only helps you find the right mailing lists for your campaign, but as your mailing list broker we can help you search those lists to find the most likely prospective customers by narrowing the focus even further. This “list research,” which come standard with your mailing list purchase at 1000Lists, will target customers by geographic location, income level, marriage status, occupation, presence of children, presence of pets, and literally thousands of different selects that will help you identify and reach those who will be most likely to respond to your campaign.

Best of all, our services cost you nothing. 1000Lists, like every reputable mailing list broker, works solely on a commission basis paid directly by the owners of the mailing lists. But unlike some companies, the 1000Lists team has years of experience finding, researching, and compiling lists that will help boost your response rate even further, turning a good campaign into a great one.

Smallest Cost Per Unit, Biggest Impact

Mailing list prices vary from owner to owner, but generally speaking you can expect to spend $0.02 to $0.04 per name. This may sound expensive compared to the “$19.95” offers, but remember that the real cost is in producing your direct marketing packaging, printing it, and mailing it out. In fact your mailing list represents the smallest cost per unit, but it is the single most important deciding factor in the success of your direct mail promotion. And that’s why it helps to have a strong mailing list broker like 1000Lists helping you with every campaign.

Contact 1000Lists today for more information about how we can help you improve your direct marketing campaign with our mailing list broker services. Whether it’s direct mail, telemarketing, or direct e-mail, 1000Lists has the list for you.

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