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In the market for reliable, deliverable mailing lists? 1000Lists can find the mailing lists for sale that will be most likely to give you a higher Return On Investment (ROI) on your next direct mail send out.

1000Lists is a full-service mailing list broker with a team of marketers and researchers to help you increase your sales and rate of response. Not only do we find the most reliable sources among the 50,000+ mailing lists for sale in the United States today, but we can also narrow your search for your best prospects through extensive list research. It’s simple: the better you target your market, the more revenue you will generate.

What is List Research?

Almost all mailing lists for sale are just that: lists upon lists of customers, magazine subscribers, professional affiliates, raffle entries, and other sources that are collected in one central database. As you can imagine, many of the people on each list will have very different interests, especially those from companies that cater to people of many different walks of life. However, you can tell at least a few things from these customers.

For example, subscribers to “The Magazine for Rubber Dog Toys Enthusiasts” probably own a dog, and may be interested in your dog product. But even if you are selling rubber dog toys, simply purchasing this and other similar mailing lists for sale may not be enough to find your best customer. Your rubber chew toy shaped in the shape of a cat will probably not be a big hit in those households who own a dog and a cat. This is information that you could have obtained by cross-referencing with subscribers to “The Magazine of Cat Scratching Post Enthusiasts” had you have known.

Although the above is a very simplistic example, essentially this is what list research is all about: taking the different variables to group some demographics together and exclude others to form an accurate picture of your potential customer. And there are literally thousands of different selects that you can consider when making your “ultimate customer” composite. 1000Lists can help you decide who your best customer is before you even start to consider which mailing lists for sale to purchase, and then research those lists to find those demographics.

1000Lists Has Access to All Mailing Lists for Sale

Contact us 1000Lists to find out how we can locate, research, and compile your list of best contacts from all the available mailing lists for sale. Click here to fill out our Contact Form with a brief overview of your campaign, and give your mail-out the boost it deserves.

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