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Although most direct marketers use the term “buy mailing lists” or “purchase mailing lists,” in most cases you are actually renting the addresses for one-time use. List owners make their own mailing lists available to direct marketers who have products or services that they believe their customer base might be interested in. These owners come from a variety of industries: charitable organizations, mail order catalog owners, e-commerce websites, and member organizations. One of the most reliable sources is from magazine subscriptions since customers tend to update their own addresses if they move.

However, not all mailing lists are the same. Some owners – the best ones – keep their lists “clean” by removing old addresses and updating their current customer list at least monthly. This ensures higher deliverability, which is key to a successful direct marketing campaign. After all, you can’t sell to your target customers if you can’t reach them.

There are 50,000 mailing lists available in the United States alone, and not all list owners keep their lists current. The list brokers at 1000Lists can help you locate the best lists for your campaign and negotiate your rental agreement for you. This all comes at no cost to you, since our compensation comes directly from the list owners in the form of a “finders fee” type of arrangement.

But this doesn’t mean we work for the list owners – in fact we are an independent broker working directly for you. The team at 1000Lists believes in long-term business relationships, and helping you build your successful campaign right now by finding the right mailing lists for you means that you will come back to us in the future.

Finding Quality Mailing Lists is One Thing, Creating Your Own Usable List is Another…

The quality of your mailing lists is the most important factor, but not the only one. It takes dedicated research to find the best customers for your offer. This involves deciding who your customer is by profiling the “ideal” customer from literally hundreds of demographics and psychographics. Our list brokers and researchers take this profile and find them in the lists for you. In the end, you have your own customized mailing lists from perhaps several different sources that will get your offer in front of the people who want to buy, and are ready to buy now.

Again, the customers on the mailing lists you rent still “belong” to the list owners, but once you start getting responses, they become your customers and you can contact them as many times as you like. In fact, you could create your own mailing lists for sale or rent!

Not All Mailing Lists Brokers are Equal

Some mailing lists brokers simply arrange your rental agreements and collect their fees. But not so with 1000Lists. We become involved in your campaign from the beginning, reviewing your offer, helping you define your target market, and then finding your best prospects. Contact us right now by phone or by filling out our Contact Form, and find out how we can bring you greater success with our mailing lists!

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