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Whether you are targeting customers in the medical community with your direct mail campaign, or if you are a member of the community yourself and want to get the word out about your services, 1000Lists makes finding your medical mailing lists easy. We take a professional approach to improving your campaign, reviewing your goals and helping you find the customers most likely to respond to your offer. After all, the higher your response rate, the higher your ROI and the more successful your campaign will be.

But before you can find customers in your medical mailing lists, you must identify them. Our team of seasoned list researchers will help you decide what your customer profile might be. This profile can be broken down into a whole list of quantifiable data – data that already exist right inside the lists themselves. Some might be obvious to you. For example, if you are targeting a certain city or region, then location is one of the selects. With our years of experience, 1000Lists can help you find other selects, including ones that may not have thought of.

Thousands of Ways to Define Your Medical Mailing Lists

In fact, there are thousands of selects that we can use to locate your prospective customers. For example, if you are targeting the medical community, we can narrow your market by:

  • Specialty/Discipline
  • Member Affiliations
  • Private Practice
  • Clinic/Hospital Practice
  • Urban/Rural
  • Income Level
  • Practice Size

…and many more. We have helped compile countless medical mailing lists in the past, and we can give you sound marketing advice on what your potential customers are looking for, and how to reach them.

For medical professionals looking for new clients, we can help you target those most in need of your services by searching for:

  • Income
  • Age & Gender
  • Prescription Drug Use
  • Current Illnesses (e.g. diabetes, MS, etc.)
  • Pre-Natal and New Baby Families
  • New Homeowners in the Area

…and other selects that will pinpoint your most likely customers. We build customized medical mailing lists that will increase your client base!

Best of all, our list brokerage and research services cost you nothing – our compensation comes directly from the list owners in the form of a commission. In some cases, 1000Lists can even get you a better price on your medical mailing lists than buying direct. And we have access to lists only available to professional list brokers.

Contact 1000Lists Today to buy Medical Mailing Lists

1000Lists takes care of everything for you, from negotiating a rental agreement with the list owners to researching and compiling your best leads. Contact us today to find out more about our list brokerage services, and how 1000Lists can help you create a winning direct mail campaign.

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  • and hundreds more....

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