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Millionaire Mailing Lists

Millionaire mailing lists can help you reach those people in the country who have already had financial success, and those who are still making their way up the ladder. In fact, there are several distinct groups under this broad category, and the list brokers at 1000Lists can help you reach them all.

Despite common perceptions, millionaires usually tend to save money than spend it. In fact, you can use millionaire mailing lists for a variety of speculative opportunities and ventures like stock investments and real estate projects that allow individuals to make even more money are very attractive to millionaires.

But when millionaires do spend, they spend big: luxury items, exotic travel vacations, high-end cars and boats, and generally the finest of everything. This is especially true of new homeowners of $1 million+ houses, who often remodel, furnish, and decorate with higher-than-average budgets. 1000Lists can help you find your ideal clients and customers for your offer by searching your millionaire mailing lists for:

  • Net Worth Over $1 million, $2 million, $3 million etc.
  • Average Income
  • Recent Investments
  • Expressed Recent Interest in Products or Services
  • Interest in Sports (Golf, Tennis, etc.)
  • Interest in Arts (Fine Art Collecting, Theater, Wine, etc.)
  • New Homeowners of Houses Worth $1 million, $2 million, etc.)

…and more. Many people on your millionaire mailing lists are also good candidates for charitable and political donations, and often support the causes that they strongly believe in quite generously.

Millionaire Mailing Lists for Millionaires-To-Be!

If your product or service is a moneymaking offer, our list brokers can help you connect with the large segment of the population actively seeking ways to grow their financial future. Some millionaire mailing lists include people who:

  • Actively Search for Sweepstakes
  • Ordered Information on Investment Strategies
  • Ordered Information on Gambling Tips
  • Ordered Information on Business/Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Attended Moneymaking Workshops and Seminars
  • Ordered Moneymaking Books/DVDs etc.

Our list brokers can also break down your millionaire mailing lists even further to select by thousands of other demographics including geographic location, gender, ethnicity, income, recent purchases, homeowners/renters, and even international residents. 1000Lists can also locate those recently rich who did hit it big in a lottery or investment venture, and are ready to spend their money.

Call 1000Lists Today for Your Reliable Millionaire Mailing Lists

Why use the list brokers at 1000Lists? There are several reasons, but most importantly it saves you having to find the reliable list sources and search them yourself – your time could be better spent developing your marketing program. Our years of experience allow us to weed out the worthless mailing lists so that you only receive well-maintained millionaire mailing lists that are highly deliverable and highly responsive. Call today for a free consultation to find out how working with 1000Lists will improve your results with our millionaire mailing lists!

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  • and thousands more.....

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