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The United Stated Census Bureau’s “Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Parts Manufacturing: 2002” economic report showed that the industry as a whole rose from $3.3 billion dollars to $4.6 billion in 2002, based on total value of shipments. Even allowing for inflation, this demonstrates a huge increase of over 33% in just five years. And based on trends, analysts expect continued growth into the foreseeable future – and that means a growing number of prospects on motorcycle owner lists as well.

Motorcycle owner mailing lists can help you reach this rapidly expanding market for your product or service. The list brokers at 1000Lists will help you find solid, reliable lists that will make reaching this audience even easier. We can also research those lists for you. Using sophisticated data mining techniques we can narrow your potential market down to find the right customers for your offer. This will lead to better response from your motorcycle owner lists, a higher ROI, and increased sales.

We can Research Motorcycle Owner Mailing Lists

The enthusiasts on many motorcycle owner lists are diversifying in tastes, viewpoints, and backgrounds like never before. Even five to ten years ago, a large percentage of motorcycle enthusiasts shared many of the same traits. But today many Boomers are retiring to a life on the open road – and have the money to get there in style. This is also true of the growing so-called “weekend warriors,” affluent professionals who invest in motorcycles and accessories. Women are a growing segment in this market too, and may be especially receptive to offers geared towards them in this traditionally male-dominated market.

As mentioned above, better research will lead to better sales, which is why it is vital to pre-plan your campaign to decide exactly who your target market is. More than just list brokers, the team at 1000Lists can help you focus your efforts to define your “ideal” customer, find the lists that are most likely to match this customer, and then select only the best based on identified demographics including:

  • Geographic Location
  • Income
  • Other Interests
  • Occupation
  • Income Level
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Recent Purchases
  • Travel Interest
  • Credit Card Holders

…and many more that will customize your motorcycle owner lists with prospects who are most likely to respond to your offer. Remember, your greatest cost comes with the design, printing, and mailing of your marketing package. Optimizing your motorcycle owner mailing lists beforehand will reduce the number of wasted, undeliverable, or unopened offers.

1000Lists For Your Own Personalized Motorcycle Owner Lists

Talk to one of our list brokers today to find out how 1000Lists can boost the performance of your next marketing campaign. There are no extra fees involved – our compensation comes directly from the list owners – so you do not need to spend an extra dime on truly priceless advice! Call or email us right now and get your campaign started with our accurate motorcycle mailing lists.

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