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Becoming a new parent is one of life’s biggest changes. Families must suddenly adapt to new routines, new interpersonal dynamics – and new products. In fact almost half of all births in the United States are to first-time parents who have no brand loyalties, and in some cases no idea of what products and services are available for baby care. Give them the right direct mail offer, and you could create lifelong customers using new parent mailing lists from 1000Lists.

Our list brokers can help you identify your best prospects by narrowing down your new parent mailing lists through literally thousands of different selects including:

  • Geographic Location
  • Household Income
  • Homeowners/Renters
  • Credit Card Holders
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Homes of a Certain Square Footage
  • Pre- and Post-Birth Families

…and many more. Securing accurate new parent mailing lists from reliable sources is the most important factor in the success in your campaign, but research is a very close second. The experienced list brokers, marketers and researchers at 1000Lists use data mining software to identify those people with your target demographics profile who are most likely to respond to your offer. In fact you could actually reduce your mailing list size while attaining the same sales, decreasing your marketing costs and increasing your ROI, and ultimately making your marketing campaign more profitable.

New Parent Mailing Lists for a Whole Range of Products and Services

As mentioned above, new parent mailing lists can help reach consumers new to the market for a variety of products and services like:

  • Diapers
  • Feeding Products (Bottles, Nursing Blankets, etc.)
  • Toys and Educational Items
  • Car Seats
  • Home Safety Devices
  • Parenting Books and Other Educational Materials
  • Photography Services
  • Babysitting/Daycare Services

…and others. But because of the huge lifestyle these families undergo, there are other not-so-obvious products. Many families find they have to trade in the sports car or luxury sedan for a minivan. Some decide it is time to buy a home or move into a bigger one. Life insurance and wills must be adjusted, health care needs change, investment patterns shift. Families with children outspend those without children nearly 2 to 1 on average, and not just on directly child-related products and services. Your new parent mailing lists from 1000Lists can help put your offer in front of these “ready-to-buy” consumers.

1000Lists for New Parent Mailing Lists and More

Contact our list brokers today for more information about all of our brokerage and research services. We are in the business of helping direct marketers get the most from their campaigns, and we want to help you. Call directly or simply fill out our Contact Form and one of our brokers will contact you to answer all of your questions. Boost your campaign by getting your new parent mailing lists from the list experts at 1000Lists!

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