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There are 2.4 million Registered Nurses in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and that number is expected to grow to over 3 million by 2012. There are also 1.8 million home and health aide nurses, and over half a million nursing specialists. Although nursing has become a career choice for many men, 92% of the profession are women. Most are anxious to keep current with healthcare and medical trends, and are open to a variety of products through nurse mailing lists including magazines and books, new equipment, and personal items that help them balance their work life with family life.

However, there are many different niches and specialties within the nursing community. In fact specialization is becoming more the norm than the exception. Within Registered Nurses alone, you can find nurse mailing lists for:

  • Oncology Nurses
  • Orthopedic Nurses
  • Surgical Nurses
  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Nurse Anesthetists
  • Cardiac Care Nurses
  • Family Planning Nurses
  • Burn Unit Nurses
  • AIDS/HIV Nurses
  • Clinical Lab Nurses
  • Doctor Office Nurses

…and many more types of specialties. You can also find nurse managers and administrators, school nurses, nurse educators, private care nurses, nurses who work from home – the list of niches is long. Each group will have very particular interests and will respond to your offer in different ways. For example, a new blood sugar testing device may appeal to Diabetes nurses, but not so much to those in cardiac care. By creating a profile of your ideal customer before you purchase your nursing mailing lists, you can maximize your response rate by sending your offer to those most likely to be interested.

Nurse Mailing Lists from 1000Lists Get Better Results

Our list brokers have the years of experience it takes to help you locate your target market and find the quality nurse mailing lists that will make a difference in your next campaign. We take the time to understand your campaign and help you decide what type of nurses might be most likely to respond. By narrowing your focus – and perhaps even reducing your mailing size – you will spend less per marketing package and get better results. You will increase your ROI and ultimately your profitability.

Get Started on Your Nurse Mailing Lists by Contacting Our List Brokers Right Now!

Our services cost you nothing because we are paid directly by the list owners who rent their nurse mailing lists. And, because we buy in bulk as a registered list broker, we can sometimes even save you money by getting a discount off of the posted price. But most importantly, 1000Lists secures only the best, most deliverable addresses and researches those lists for you so you can get on with what you are skilled at: creating great marketing campaigns. Contact us right now to find out how the list brokers at 1000Lists will improve your success with nurse mailing lists!

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