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Pet Owner Mailing Lists

Whether it is man’s best friend, the finicky feline at the end of the couch, or a literal zoo of other pet choices, it is clear that pet owners have a huge love for their animals. In fact, more than half of dog and cat owners give their pets Christmas presents, 39% have a picture of their pet in their homes, and 16% carry a picture of their pet in their wallet or purse, according to the American Pet Association. Dogs and cats are by far the most popular. Interestingly, there are more dog owners in the United States (44 million versus 33 million) but there are actually more cats (77 million versus 63 million). But that still amounts to quite a wide range of possible consumers for your offer that you can reach through pet owner mailing lists.

Pet owner mailing lists from 1000Lists are fully searchable, so that you can find the consumer who is most likely to purchase your offer by selecting certain demographics including:

  • Type of Pet
  • Households with More Than One Pet
  • Households with Children and Pets
  • Urban or Rural Homes
  • Pet Owners Who Subscribe to Certain Magazines
  • Pet Owners Who Purchased Mail Order Products
  • Pet Owners Who Purchased Pet Meds Online, Searchable by Medication
  • …and many more!

Break Down Your Pet Owner Mailing Lists Even Further

Our list brokers and researchers can also do basic searches of your pet owner mailing lists to identify those in certain cities or regions in the country, certain age ranges, certain income/house value, and other ways to find your “ideal” consumer. After all, the better you are able to target your market, the more likely you will be to get the response rate you need for a successful campaign.

Pet owner mailing lists can also be useful for other cross-referencing of mailing lists. For example, animal rights organizations, shelters, and animal assistance foundations will be more likely to find donors among those who own pets. You can target specific groups within pet owners as well including Christian pet owners, owners who enter their pets into shows, and even owners of farm animals.

Pet Owner Mailing Lists at 1000Lists for Greater Success!

Contact us today to find out how our list brokers can make the difference in your next direct mail or mail order campaign. Our years of experience working with creative and results-oriented direct marketers can help you get the edge you need to run a successful campaign. We offer accurate pet owner mailing lists from reliable sources, research expertise to narrow your marketing focus, and the personalized service you need. Leave the list research to us, and focus on what you do best: creating winning direct mail campaigns using pet owner mailing lists!

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