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Pool Owner Mailing Lists

Using pool owners mailing lists from 1000Lists is an excellent way to reach residential consumers with your pool-related products and services. Swimming pools require a lot of work and maintenance, and many owners are always on the lookout for ways to make their pools easier to maintain, safer (especially for children and pets), and more enjoyable for family and friends.

But pool owners mailing lists may help you locate other possible consumers as well, including spa owners, sauna owners, even homeowners who have jets in their bathtubs. Many of these products require similar maintenance products and services – in fact by tweaking your offer slightly you may be able to target several different markets with your same product.

One possible target market is the contractors, designers, and builders who install the pools, spas, and jet tubs. Many subscribe to trade magazines and attend shows and conventions throughout the United States, looking for new products and new ways to grow their business. You offer could be just the hot new item they are looking for.

Pool Owners Mailing Lists

Many direct marketers use “presence of pool” as a select when searching out their best clients, not because they have a pool-related offer but simply because they tend to be excellent consumers. Most are fairly affluent and own higher-priced real estate. And having a pool also demonstrates that this segment of the population enjoys living well at home, and are willing to spend money to improve their leisure time.

Our list brokers can help you find the right pool owners mailing lists for your pool-related products or as part of a search for your “ideal” prospects. In fact, we can search for literally thousands of different demographics depending on your identified customer including:

  • Geographic Location
  • Income Level
  • Occupation
  • Travel Interest
  • Hobbies
  • Sports (Golf, Sailing, etc.)
  • Presence of Children
  • Gender
  • Age
  • …And Many More!

Tapping into this market is much easier if you know who your customer is, and where to find them. That’s where 1000Lists can help. Our team of list brokers, list researchers, and marketers will “get inside” your campaign with a full review of your offer and marketing materials. Then we broker your pool owners mailing lists from only the most reliable and accurate sources, and research those lists to find your absolute best bet prospects. This method increases your deliverability, your readability, and ultimately your profitability. Simply put, 1000Lists will help you improve your marketing campaign – and your results.

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