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In February 2006 there were almost seven million homes bought and sold in the United States, which is about the average of monthly home sales throughout 2005. New homeowners traditionally spend a lot of money during the purchase of a new home – one study suggested that more is spent in the first six months for home updates than in the following five years. With that number of new homeowners spending more than usual, it makes this market quite lucrative. You can tap into this sizable market by renting real estate mailing lists through 1000Lists.

Our team of expert marketers and list brokers can help you connect with your audience by narrowing down the number of potential customers in your real estate mailing lists to those who are most likely to buy. Depending on the nature of your offer, we can search by:

  • Location
  • Selling Price
  • Square Footage
  • Presence of a Pool
  • Presence of a Garage
  • Construction Type
  • Size of Mortgage
  • Presence of Air Conditioning/Heating

…and many other variables that will impact the likelihood of finding the ideal customer for you and your real estate mailing list selection. We can also find first time homeowners, renters, and investment property owners. And by cross-referencing real estate mailing lists with other demographics, we can determine thousands of other selects including first-time homeowners with a new baby, homeowners of a certain income level, homeowners of a certain occupation – and many, many different demographics. After all, the better you are able to pinpoint your target market, the more effective your campaign will be.

1000Lists for Real Estate Mailing Lists

Buyers are often moving into new neighborhoods or even a new city or state. This makes them especially good targets because they are just beginning to establish new buying habits. So it is not only contractors, lawyers, movers, painters, and other professionals directly related to buying a new home that benefit, it is also surrounding businesses including restaurants, shops, even dentists and other professionals. Using real estate mailing lists is a powerful way to help make a strong impression when these potential customers are actively seeking products and services in their new environment.

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Find out more about our list brokerage, list research, and marketing consultation services. We do not charge any extra fees for our services – our compensation comes directly from the list owners. But we are dedicated to helping you find the best lists for your campaign possible, because we know that getting great results with our help today means that we will be able to serve you again in the future. Use our Contact Form to find out how real estate mailing lists from 1000Lists will help boost your campaign.

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