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Dollar for dollar, direct mail is still the best way to attract new customers with your offer. That’s because it is targeted marketing – which means much more than simply finding name and addresses on residential mailing lists. Without proper research, randomly sending out addressed mail is only as effective as delivering flyers door to door (though more expensive…). Most of your packages will go unopened and unread, leading to lost marketing costs and lower sales.

Targeting specific individuals on your residential mailing lists based on certain demographics will immensely improve your results. For example, your offer for a $10,000 gold watch will not be appealing to most people with a household income of $30,000. You need to aim for individuals in a higher income bracket or higher net worth. Using this (albeit obvious) example, you could use “income level” and “net worth” selects to narrow your search, looking only for those who could afford it.

Residential Mailing Lists Offer a Gold Mine of Useful Data

But you can also dig a bit deeper. Who would most likely buy a gold watch? Perhaps someone on the verge of retirement? You can easily find this information in residential mailing lists by searching for certain age brackets, searching for those who have recently purchased a retirement home, even by cross-referencing age and occupation to see who may be approaching mandatory retirement age in certain industries. You could also design a different offer targeting the owners and managers of companies who may have retiring employees, and want to give something very special with residential mailing lists.

Coming up with the demographics that best match your ideal customer is relatively easy, but searching for those demographics in your residential mailing lists can be tricky without the right skills and software. But that’s where 1000Lists can help. Our experienced list brokers, direct marketing consultants, and list researchers can help you identify and find the prospects that will be most likely to be interested in your offer, and who ready to buy now. We can search your residential mailing lists by literally thousands of selects including:

  • Geographic Location
  • Income Level
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Recent Purchases
  • Presence of Children
  • Presence of Pets
  • Homeowners
  • Occupation
  • People Who Have Played Golf Overseas
  • …And the Lists Go On!

1000Lists For the Most Deliverable, Accurate, and Responsive Residential Mailing Lists

Contact one of our list brokers today to find out how 1000Lists can boost the performance of your next marketing campaign. We can help you find residential mailing lists from a variety of reliable sources and then research them to locate your “best bet” potential customers. With 1000Lists in your corner, you will get the most from your residential mailing lists – and your whole campaign!

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