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Reaching teachers and school boards through school mailing lists from 1000Lists can open up a wide range of marketing opportunities for your educational and related materials. Market directly to the teachers themselves, to other school professionals like librarians and guidance counselors, or to the administrators who make school and system-wide decisions. Depending on your offer, this may be your best approach since teachers generally only have spending influence (and limited at that) over their classroom activities, while school officials like principals and school board members have the means to buy in bulk.

Currently government education spending is at over $8,000 per pupil annually. With almost 75 million students – one quarter the population of the United States – that equals $600 billion in educational expenditures. That doesn’t include fundraising money, spending made directly by the teachers, college spending, daycare facilities, or niche markets like private schools and homeschoolers. Clearly there is a huge market to tap into through school mailing lists, and with the right offer you will be on the way to a profitable campaign.

How Do School Mailing Lists Affect My Campaign?

The biggest impact on your campaign is the quality of your school mailing lists. Teachers change schools, administrators come and go, and system goals change. The list brokers at 1000Lists can help you secure the most up to date and accurate school mailing lists, and then research them for you to find – and reach – your identified target market. We can also help you strategize – for example, perhaps your best method of marketing is placing your materials in a magazine format in teachers’ lounges. We find lounges for you within certain school types (religion-based, particular specialty, etc.) with certain budgets (size of school, number of teachers, number of students, total budget, etc.) and in certain geographic locations in the country.

There are several other research tricks we can help you with. For instance, many school boards post an itemized budget directly on the Internet. Although you probably don’t want to go through every single one, by reviewing these budgets as you develop your marketing campaign you can get a rough idea of school spending, and how your offer might fit into the picture. This can help you identify the types of schools most likely to respond to your offer and help you create an offer that speaks directly to them.

Why 1000Lists for School Mailing Lists?

Our list brokers, researchers, and marketers can help reach your marketing goals through several different methods. We do not just “sell” you school mailing lists, we help you define your target market and customize your lists to optimize your response rate. In turn, that means a higher Return on Investment (ROI), and ultimately higher profits. Contact us right now to learn more about our services and school mailing lists!

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