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Senior Citizen Mailing Lists

As the Boomer Generation enters retirement age, senior citizen mailing lists are becoming more and more important for effectively marketing to this growing segment of the population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2004 there were an estimated 36.2 million people over the age of 65 (representing over 10% of the population), up from under 35 million just a few years before. Not only are people living longer now, but this huge Boomer bulge in the population means that seniors will dominant consumer spending like never before. This trend will continue into at least the next decade and perhaps beyond.

Despite many myths, seniors tend to have more disposable income than many other age groups. Most have paid off their mortgages, already put their kids through school, and have a lifetime of savings to spend in their golden years. Senior citizen mailing lists from the list brokers at 1000Lists can help you get your offer in front of this lucrative consumer group, especially in areas of travel, golf, recreation, real estate, cars, all-inclusive packages, and others.

Senior Citizen Mailing Lists

Of course, there are certain products and services immediately associated with aging including medical equipment and medicine, yard services, and other assistance offers. But seniors also tend to purchase many of the same products as most consumers, and in fact are more open to “new” products than previous generations. It is true that use of computers and the Internet, for example, is lower than the average population but it is growing. If your offer is computer-related and aimed at seniors, the key is to identify those on your senior citizen mailing lists who have Internet experience so you don’t waste expensive marketing materials on those who have never used a computer in their lives.

1000Lists can help. We will find senior citizen mailing lists of computer users, as well any particular demographic you think best defines your target audience including:

  • Pre and Post-Retirement
  • Recent Travel
  • Net Worth
  • Mortgage Paid Off
  • Boat Owners
  • “Empty Nesters”
  • Homeowners/Renters
  • Multiple Homes
  • Health Responders
  • Households with $10,000+ of CDs
  • …and literally thousands of selects!

In fact, it is this research coupled with senior citizen mailing lists from reliable, accurate sources, that will make the difference in your next marketing campaign.

List Brokers at 1000Lists Find the Right Senior Citizen Mailing Lists for You

Every campaign is different, and every offer appeals to different people. Looking for “senior citizen mailing lists” will still give you too many choices – and not enough targeting for a truly profitable campaign. Our list brokers, researchers, and marketers work with you to study your campaign and find the absolute best prospects among the millions. Call right now to find out how partnering with 1000Lists can make the difference in your next campaign with senior citizen mailing lists!

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