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Veteran Mailing Lists

Veterans mailing lists puts you in contact with a specific niche in the consumer marketplace. There are about 25 million veterans in the United States, and about 75% of those were in active duty during a war or other hostilities. As a group, they are not that much different from the average consumer, though they do respond well to several proven approaches. Veterans, as ex-members of the military, are usually receptive to a wide variety of domestic goods – the term "Made in the USA" plays well here. In fact any offers that are related to national pride, display the flag, and all things "true blue American" will connect with veterans.

Charitable organizations may also find the donors they are looking for from veterans mailing lists, particularly for veteran-related foundations. But veterans tend to donate to all types of causes including cancer and other diseases, animal rights and shelters, and amateur sports such as the Olympics. As with consumer goods, patriotic messages are great motivators and resonate well with individuals on veterans mailing lists.

Reliable Veterans Mailing Lists from 1000Lists

Our list brokers can help you find and research your veterans mailing lists from a variety of reliable sources. Finding accurate mailing addresses is one thing, but the real difference with 1000Lists is that we can narrow down those lists to find the most likely customers who will respond to your offer. For example we can locate veterans who have donated to certain causes, participated in certain events, and purchased military-related products through mail order. In fact there are thousands of possible selects including choosing veterans by:

  • Geographic Location
  • Income
  • Business Owners
  • Ethnicity
  • Wars/Conflicts Participated In
  • Donation to Charitable Organization and Donation Size
  • Hobbies and Special Interests
  • Injury Site
  • …and many more!

Veterans mailing lists can also help you find veteran hospitals, veteran groups and organizations, people who support veteran causes. The list broker team at 1000Lists locates these lists from owners who keep them “clean” – up to date and accurate with old addresses corrected or removed. Combined with our research services, your high quality veterans mailing lists represent the single most important step towards a successful campaign. 1000Lists makes sure you step in the right direction.

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Find out how the list brokers, list researchers, and marketers at 1000Lists can help you create a winning direct mail campaign. We have years of experience helping direct marketers like yourself attract new customers. You identify who your target market is, and we’ll customize your veterans mailing lists to match your profile. Not only will this approach boost your response rate, you’ll enjoy a higher Return on Investment (ROI) and – most importantly – higher sales. Call today to get started with veteran mailing lists!

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