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ZIP Code mailing lists are the easiest way to find your customer based on location. And for many marketers, that is the number one factor in finding a mailing list. If you own a pizza parlor in Cleveland, Ohio for example, you probably do not want to advertise your delivery services in Lubbock, Texas. By using ZIP Codes to map out your geographic region, you can find addresses that are within your own geographic area.

But there are other reasons to search your ZIP Code mailing lists. When properly researched, you can find even more information about your potential customers. For example, many people in certain ZIP Codes may not own a car, and therefore probably won’t be interested in your Spring Detailing offer. Customers in some ZIP Codes may tend to have a higher response rate to direct mail offers in general, making them better prospects for certain offers. In fact there are many things you can tell about a customer by their ZIP Code, especially if you search by other variables as well.

1000Lists for ZIP Code Mailing Lists Brokerage and Research

1000Lists can broker your rental arrangements and do all of your research for you. We start by studying your direct mail campaign to find out what your offer is, and who might be interested in receiving your information. Then, based on our years of experience helping other marketers like yourself, we find those customers for you. 1000Lists can search your ZIP Code mailing lists by income level, presence of children, special interests, marital status, and literally thousands of different selects to help you pinpoint your target market. All at no extra cost to you!

We can also narrow your market even further by excluding those from your ZIP Code mailing lists search that do not have a ZIP +4. Some marketers have found that it has become increasingly important to have these last four digits, claiming that without them their packages are slower to arrive to customers, or may not even be deliverable at all. Other marketers, especially those with a limited niche market, feel that it is important to mail anyway to ensure you get your message in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Although the number of ZIP Code mailing lists that include the ZIP +4 is increasing, this is still an issue that you may want to consider before sending your mail out.

Contact 1000Lists for All of Your Mailing List Needs

The quality of your ZIP Code mailing lists is the biggest factor in determining the success of your campaign, and not all lists are the same. Contact 1000Lists today to ensure that you are getting reliable, deliverable mailing lists every time.

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